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Internationally, we're battling against COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and as a result we have to batten down the hatches (not by buying an abundance of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, and whatever else. Be rational, come on now) and stay indoors and away from people that could potentially die from this scary situation. In response to dear COVID,... Continue Reading →

Read Smart. Be Wise.

I absolutely adore independent bookstores. From the bottom of my heart, I absolutely love them. If I had the money, I'm certain I'd spend my time travelling the world in search of them. To buy books and just see the marvelous spaces other book lovers have created. You have to truly love books to own... Continue Reading →

Underrated Contemporary’s

So, I went through this massive phase where I was obsessed with reading Contemporary novels. It's only recently that I've started to slowly pull out from that and wander back into the world of dragons and elves. So before I dive completely into the fantasy realm, I thought I'd compile a list of contemporary books... Continue Reading →

SAVE THE DATE – Morgan Matson (10 Point Review)

Genre: Young Adult Fiction – ContemporaryTarget Audience: 12+ Goodreads Rating: 4/5 So cute! Morgan Matson always knows how to write the most adorable stories :DIncredibly fast-paced. It was hard to keep up! (In the best way, of course! - No getting bored here!)Love, love, love the big family aspect.Living for the drama! :O It was crazy, but in a... Continue Reading →


A standalone novel. Genre: Classic Fiction - Children's AdventureTarget Audience: 8+ Goodreads Rating: 3/5 It's a really interesting concept and still relevant despite being first released in 1869.Found the characters to be unrelatable and very 2D.The technology is pretty advance given its time of release.Not much happened that's memorable. I remember reading trying to figure how long it would... Continue Reading →

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