Rant ‘n’ Rave

These posts are a mixture of what I’ve found interesting, information that I need to brush upon, updates and whatever else.

TO BE READATHON: The Nitty Gritty Details: It’s exactly what it sounds like! All about our Readathon!

TO BE READATHON (JANUARY, 2018): Alex and I are doing another 24hr Readathon, you should join us! 😀

ALL THE BOOKS I’VE READ IN 2017: ALL of the books that my little brain managed to push through (51 books!).

FAVOURITE BOOKS OF 2017: My favourite reads of 2017. (There’s some good ones in here!) 😛

DECEMBER 2017 BOOKSTAGRAM CHALLENGE: The Bookstagram challenges that you can participate in December, 2017.

TO BE READATHON 2O17: How Alex and I went on our first ever 24hr Readathon! It was an absolute blast.

WRITING DOWN THE BOOKS YOU WANT: I talk about my Book Book, a little notebook that I keep to track the books I need to buy for my collection.

PLANNING A 24HR READATHON: How Alex and I started to plan our To Be Readathon, and how you should prepare as well.

I’M BLIND: I went to see an eye doctor. The prognosis is blinding.

I’M PROCRASTINATING: This is a post about exactly what it sounds like. My poor ability to do what I need to. It was my first post, and thoroughly unexciting.

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